Building a new wearable for cattle management.

What is the ‘Internet of Cows'? 

The Internet of Cows is an initiative led by BovControl to connect every cow on the planet to the cloud, with a result of improving data collection throughout the cattle production value chain, and thereby improving production and efficiency of the whole cattle industry.

What are we hacking?

The bottom line is that in order to increase efficiency and production, we need more data on cattle, cattle producers, and their land. Right now, data is primarily being collected by using pen and paper, and in some cases RFID technology and newer types of sensors. 

Unsurprisingly, these methods aren’t cutting it. The cattle industry is in dire need of a new sensor for cattle management…a new ‘wearable for cows.’ This, my friends, is what we are hacking. 

What kind of product requirements are we talking about?

The PR doc is a list that I would like to leave a bit open to foster creativity and imagination. However, I will say that the industry is concerned with animal health, early detection of illness and ovulation (heat), geo-location, and location. I will let you all brainstorm and will be happy to provide guidelines along the way. 

What is the goal of this hackathon?

BovControl will be hosting a larger ‘hackathon' with many of our industry partners in December. This event will focus on connecting the dots between existing technologies and new innovations both within and outside of the cattle industry. We will invite the most promising outputs and candidates from this November Internet of Cows hackathon to present a concept, design, or prototype to the December attendees with opportunity for development and partnership. 

Will we be building prototypes?

While the space at MassChallenge does in fact have a hardware lab, this hackathon will be focused on the concept and design of a new wearable for cattle. Each team will be provided with a Raspberry Pi, and participants are welcome to bring their own tools.  


•  12p arrive and meet 

• 1p lunch & context of cattle industry

• 2p form teams & gun fires

• 6p Pizza 

• 9p "pencils down” 

• 9:30p judging

• 10:30 happy hour at Jerry Remy's Seaport 

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$250 in prizes

Raspberry Pi (5)

Opportunity for Development of Product

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Ravi Khanna

Ravi Khanna
Hardware Advisor

Judging Criteria

  • Viability